MTED 394 Integrated Climate Change Project in Pairs
(MSAT Lesson Plan, Assessment, and Presentation)

Total Number of Points (20 POINTS)

All lesson plans should be posted online on December 3, 2011.

All pairs are required to present their work on December 6, 2011.


1. Work with a member-pair. Both of you will be assigned the same score, so please see to it that you work collaboratively on this special project.

2. Go to our Wiki site: Access the Math Methods Resource Page on Climate Change. There are 10 links on the page. Each pair will be assigned one link to investigate and use as a resource site in developing an integrated MSAT climate change lesson plan and assessment.

3. Once a link has been assigned to your pair, your initial task is to investigate the site. Pay attention to the math link on your site that will help you develop an integrated MSAT climate change lesson plan and assessment.

4. Use the attached Integrated Lesson Plan template to develop a full 120-minute MSAT lesson on climate change. Remember full details regarding the following aspects should be clearly provided:

a. The main (science) topic: A particular climate change phenomenon;
b. The relevant math topic that is needed to teach item (a);
c. The technology-based tool you will need to analyze the relevant data acquired in items (a) and (b);
d. The assessment instrument you intend to use to test students’ understanding of both the scientific and mathematical aspects of the climate change topic being addressed in (a).

5. Your lesson plan and assessment should be uploaded in the Wiki page on December 2, 2011 no later than 11 PM.

6. There is a required oral presentation of your project on December 6, 2011. Please prepare exactly 4 power point slides containing the following information:

a. Slide 1: Introduction to the climate change topic you are addressing as a pair
b. Slide 2: Discussion of the relevant mathematics that is being addressed
c. Slide 3: Discussion of the technological tool or software you intend to use for data analysis
d. Slide 4: Example of assessment items

When you present, you only have FIVE MINUTES to share your work.

Integrated Lesson Plan Template
MTED 394
Subject/Grade Level
Lesson Structure
Time Allotted for this Section (in terms of minutes)
A. Climate change topic

B. Relevant mathematical topic being addressed

C. Technological tool/software that will be used for data analysis

C. California math framework standard/s being addressed:

D. Topic Objectives:

E. Instructional materials (worksheets/activities) needed to accomplish the whole lesson

F. Opening Activity/Purpose

G. Main Activity
Full details are needed. Include procedures and activities.

H. Closing Activity

I. Assessment