An Integrative Mathematics/Science/Technology Approach to Sustainability

The proposed project will orient preservice secondary mathematics and science students who are enrolled in a methods course to several different types of technological tools and applications that they can use in their own classrooms. Further, the context in which they will acquire their technological expertise takes place when they learn about themes in climate change, which they will analyze from both scientific and mathematical perspectives. Science and math methods students will collaborate in groups of 3 to develop and implement a lesson plan that focuses on a topic related to climate change with the additional condition that they will need to explicitly use the acquired technological knowledge in various aspects and phases of delivery of instruction and assessment.

The overall goal of the project is to present students with an orientation to climate change topics where specialists model technology in context, present relevant issues, model approaches involving how to teach controversial issues, and address misconceptions. The project also seeks to foster communication through online discussions and get students to think about how climate change would fit in the existing curriculum , recognize themes that enhance connections between science, mathematics, and technology, and how it would be implemented in lessons. The culminating experience will enable them to share, critically reflect, and showcase how they embedded technology-driven cross-disciplinary climate change themes in their unit plans.